Where Does the Buck Stop In Newsworthy Breach? Cyber Governance Twitter Chat Summary

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The title for this summary is a politer version of a sassy tweet in a chat about governance and cyber security. Posted by @ S_Clarke22, it effectively nailed the crux of the dilemma facing business trying to stay secure and agile in cyberworld. And it was a worthy response to the first question put to the crowd : “Who owns information and data security?
Butt chat was kick-started by in a spirited fashion  by MTI_Technology who threw down the gauntlet with the tweet:

Cyber Security 1 - Copy

This sustained a long thread of chat debating the relative roles of people, process and policies in keeping organisations secure. There was a strong sentiment that the malicious insider could wreak havoc but that a positive ethos backed by strong governance mitigates the toxic climate that incubates the bad apple.

Meanwhile @katweasle suggested a smart tech architecture and use of compartmentalisation can further protect against the incidents caused by the malicious insider:

cyber security 2

And although attention is naturally drawn to the cyber criminal, the reality of digital life is that most incidents are caused by negligence or ignorance as @ClearSwift pointed out.

Cyber Security 3 - Copy

The nature of governance was also dissected and how suited it is for the fast-moving digital age. A recurring theme was the need for good personal cyber hygiene by all staff – working from the bottom up – as well as sound top-down governance. Similarly rules and regulations have to adapt fast to new business circumstances. So does centralised governance remain an ideal?

Yes, according to @guybunker with the following qualification:

Cyber Security 4 - Copy

While @Real_Security tweeted:

Cyber Security 5

@S_Clarke22 summed it up thus:

Cyber Security 6

Tweeters picked over variations of Question 2 throughout the chat:  which of the C-Suite should be ultimately accountable for cyber security,  the CIO, the CISO, the CEO or the CDO? The majority, including @IronMountainEUR,  thought it was a shared concern, but needs clearly defined accountability:
Cyber Security 10


and @AndrewTang pointed out:

Cyber Security 7


And Q3: ‘What’s the best response to the put down, cyber security is a job for IT’? Drew the following responses:

“They’ll never hit us from that distance” to ‘Laughter’ and, from @okta_uk

Cyber Security 8

Final word goes to co-host of the chat @Nickprescot’s whose parting shot was upbeat:

Cyber Security 13 - Copy

These are the highlights of an energetic chat and please do check the #ITValue for the full transcript of the debate. Next chat is December 3rd, 4-5pm GMT on what will be the digital priorities and challenges for 2015: Digital infrastructure? Digital skills? Digital business? Make the date in your diary now!


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