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Cyber Snub for Obama Shows Challenge of Consensus Between Government and Business.

US president Barack Obama has shown himself to be an activist in the sphere of cyber security. First he initiated the war games between the UK and US to test out each nation state’s strengths and weaknesses. Next, this Friday, he is to speak at a summit that he has chosen to convene in Silicon Valley, not Washington DC .

But despite its proximity to their homes and businesses in the Valley, the leaders of tech giants have chosen to stay away. The most senior executives at Facebook, Yahoo and Google and Microsoft will not be attending, and the companies are sending their information security executives instead.

The meeting at Stanford University in California is intended to bring together industry and law enforcement. But according to Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg and Marissa Mayer – chief executives of Facebook and Yahoo, respectively – and Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt all declined invitations.

When the leader of one of the world’s Big Two super power shows up and the captains of industry stay away, a  gulf is revealed that could imperil cyber security – both of nations and individuals.

HP enterprise services chief technology officer Andrzej Kawalec, threw down the gauntlet to businesses at the European Information Security Summit today this week, inviting them to cooperate and collaborate.  But an alliance between governments and their domestic businesses will prove the bigger hurdle.

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