BVEx Research: Customer Experience in Modern Banking

modern banking
Atom Bank was recently given approval to become the UK’s first digital-only lender, receiving a licence from the Bank of England to launch services via a mobile app.

With the proliferation of smartphone technology meaning the mobile is becoming the first point of contact for many consumer-to-business relationships, digital-only services provide a big opportunity for growth and traditional bricks and mortar businesses will need to be quick to adapt to the changing demands of customers.

The financial sector promises to lead the charge, with Atom Bank one of a new breed of providers putting the needs and desires of the modern customer first and leading with new innovations in mobile-first digital banking.

In this infographic, we take a look at the game changers in modern banking, and how the drive to improve customer experience is changing the way financial service providers operate.

BVEX_Beyond_Infographic #1_Customer Service_Banking_06.07.2015

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