Lufthansa Opens Its Doors to Innovative Travel Apps

travel apps
Air travel is a boom industry worth billions of dollars. Passenger numbers are increasing and travellers are becoming more discerning with challenging expectations.

In their constant battle for market share, airlines must improve all aspects of the passenger experience by introducing innovative services but they don’t have sufficient internal development resources to do it themselves.

They have to rely on external software developers to satisfy the growing demand for mobile apps and that was the case with leading German carrier, Lufthansa.

However, the development community shied away from producing apps for Lufthansa customers because obtaining the necessary airline data involved lengthy and complex technical processes.

In a bid to make things easier and encourage more support, Lufthansa decided to follow a growing trend in the aviation industry and create an Open Application Programming Interface (API) which exposes Lufthansa data and functions to developers in the outside world via the Internet.

To do this, it needed a design and implementation partner with extensive technical and functional knowledge of the airline industry and it chose HPE Services.

HPE helped Lufthansa prepare a business case then developed and tested the operational structure of the API and its portal. With the interface now up and running, new Lufthansa-centric apps are already starting to become available.

Read the case study below to see how HPE supported Germany’s flagship airline in its bid to improve brand visibility, position itself as an innovative organisation and deliver a better travel experience for its customers.


Learn more about how Lufthansa accelerates the progress of travel innovation here.


john buttersJohn Butters has more than 20 years’ experience of writing about technology and aviation. He has edited news-stand technology magazines and has contributed to newspapers including the Daily Telegraph. Today, he mainly writes about the benefits that IT delivers to end-user customers and how aerospace technologies are improving safety and efficiency for commercial and military aircraft operators.