Applying Innovation To Improve Customer Digital Transformation Journeys

In our previous innovation blogs, we discussed the importance of addressing key industry disruptors and HPE’s X-Tech approach to identifying and addressing these disruptors. In this blog, we will start to share how we have applied our innovation approaches to address our customers’ digital transformations.

Collaboration in innovation with major commercial bank

For HPE, innovation has always been at the core of our engagement and a shared goal with each customer. Whenever we consider a customer’s challenges, the HPE Innovation Agenda is closely aligned to these challenges. In effect, we create a shared vision with the customer of innovation to establish a business and IT landscape with flexibility, agility and efficiency in IT services provision.

To support a major commercial bank and to execute on the organization’s innovation roadmap, we recognized their HPE Innovation Agenda could only be implemented by a cross-functional team. We therefore pulled together many different people, including our own chief technologists, industry experts, and solution experts in Agile Development, Big Data, Security and Cloud.

As each HPE Innovation Agenda is based on key industry disruptors, our agenda for this particular customer – as well as our overarching innovation strategy for this bank – referred to disruptors encapsulated the FinTech Innovation Model 2015.

A key outcome of the HPE Innovation Agenda initiative with this commercial bank is increased collaboration and partnership in innovation. We now have a joint innovation program with common goals and objectives across IT and business functions. This program is ongoing and, at this point in time, the customer has benefitted from the “right mix” of infrastructure aligned with new cloud and agile capabilities to enable accelerated apps development. The business outcome for the bank is rapid deployment of new technology and IT to enable fast expansion in its domestic market as well as foreign markets.

Specific areas of improvement for this customer include:

  • Person-to-person payments
  • Secure transactions and privacy in the cloud
  • Big Data to create new customer insights
  • Agile Development approaches to take new products and services to market faster

Energy and utilities business innovates to digitize processes

HPE was asked to engage and propose appropriate innovation for an energy and utilities business. Our team therefore developed an innovation roadmap identifying, firstly, the most important industry disruptors that the customer needed to address and, secondly, the industry disruptors for which HPE could make a direct contribution by providing industry-leading solutions. More specifically, HPE proposed innovation activities that could tackle the challenges of digitizing the customer’s processes.

One of our first activities was to hold a joint ENVISION workshop which focused on the application of the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result of this event and other innovation initiatives, HPE now works collaboratively with the customer and is defining key work streams. Together we are exploring how technologies such as IoT, analytics, mobility, and cloud can support the customer’s digital transformation journey.

Particular areas of focus for this innovation journey include:

  • Use of social media and analytics for improved customer service and brand loyalty
  • IoT and Smart Metering
  • Predictive analytics to optimize energy trading
  • Convergence of IT and IoT
  • Application of Big Data analytics in preventative maintenance and operations

Innovating with a financial services provider

HPE’s innovation engagement with this customer focused on the customer’s digital transformation journey and technologies which enable new business outcomes.

Working together, HPE and this customer have addressed numerous issues, including exploring new business models, considering the asymmetric nature of the customer’s business and the banking industry, and identifying new ways to interact with end customers.

To provide structure to the engagement, joint customer and HPE teams were brought together at HPE’s Client Engagement Center. Here we held an ENVISION workshop and a key output from this event was the creation of an innovation roadmap.

Specific areas of interest with this customer include:

  • The application of Blockchain to enable secure distributed ledgers in the digital world
  • Online and mobile wallet
  • ‘Branch of the Future’ to create a seamless online branch experience and better customer interaction, including virtual shopping using avatars
  • 3D printing-as-a-service
  • Application of Business Process Services automation and robotics within a digital context
  • Using Big Data to empower the business and provide customer insight

All of the above have been brought together in a cross-divisional innovation roadmap. HPE is working with the customer’s business divisions and IT to apply this innovation in support of their digital transformation journey.

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These are just a few examples of how HPE is digitizing our customer’s businesses and operations and addressing some of their most significant challenges. If you would like to delve deeper into these issues of innovation, digital disruption and your own digital transformation, please contact [Ron Brown, EMEA Chief Technologist Enterprise Services at [email protected]]. There is an HPE team ready and waiting to support your journey.

If you would like to read about more customers involved in digital transformation, and how HPE is applying innovation approaches to address their needs, do not miss our next blog.

Costas Kaile is a Practices Go to Market (GTM) Lead in EMEA. Costas’s biggest passion is understanding industry shifts and working with teams to find tangible outcomes and solutions to business problems.

Charlotte Findlay works within the Go To Market team in EMEA.  As a newcomer to the technology industry she is excited to see where Innovation and technology can improve the workplace for customers.