More Customer Digital Transformation Journeys & Innovations

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Exploring how other companies have embarked on a digital transformation journey can provide very useful insight into worthwhile initiatives and best practices.

By now you may have read one or more of our previous innovation blogs: the first discussed the importance of addressing key industry disruptors, the second described HPE’s X-Tech approach to identifying and addressing these disruptors, and the third shared how HPE has applied innovation approaches to address some digital transformations. This blog continues to explore our customers’ journeys.

Hotel chain unlocks growth through innovation

HPE undertook an Innovation Initiative with a hotel chain in its customer contact center. A key element of this initiative was the opening of a Chat Channel – a new booking channel. In addition, to sustain its new digital strategy, the hotel chain wanted to establish an as-a-service digital platform. With these important changes, the customer has boosted the conversion rate on its web distribution channel, enabling growth through increased bookings. The Innovation Initiative has also helped to resolve another challenge. It has reinforced the link between each of the hotels and the customer’s central distribution team, thus unlocking growth.

In order to successfully complete innovation activities with this customer, HPE utilized its own chief technologists, industry and BPS SMEs, and an HPE Software team. For an Artificial Intelligence solution, HPE also involved an external third-party specialist.

Success was ensured by using HPE’s Business Value Framework to identify value creation projects. The customer’s main business benefit has been the crafting of a business case to ensure top-line growth. Currently, the HPE team is working with the hotel chain to implement a pilot that will validate the business case for wider deployment.

Moving forward, we are working with the customer in the following innovation areas:

  • Real-time concierge
  • Real -time connected traveler/smart traveler
  • Multi-channel integration for end customer interactions
  • Advanced customer insights to drive new business models

Innovation in a state treasury security printing works

This customer is a publicly owned printing company that provides a government with banknotes, securities, documents, excise tax bands and postal stamps, as well as plastic cards and electronic services.

A new management board was keen to engage HPE in innovation to enable their business priorities in an agile way. There were a couple of different challenges that the Innovation Initiative was tasked to resolve. The first was the high cost of updating legacy applications to new technology. Another customer challenge was the transformation of systems designed to improve agility and fulfil commitments to national institutions. The customer also wanted to apply innovation to its security solutions in support of a digital transformation journey. All of this had to be done within the relevant legal and regulatory laws.

HPE has now become a trusted advisor to the customer on its most important projects – the ones that support core business objectives.

Our team used the HPE Business Value Framework to get behind the customer’s priorities and KPIs. This approach brought together a cross-functional HPE team with a customer team comprising representatives from business departments, sales, IT, and their respective CxO leaders.

HPE is continuing to engage with the client in the following innovation areas:

  • Big Data-as-a-service
  • IoT, Smart Sensors, and Federated Identity to enable better security
  • Data-driven decisions and workflows
  • Modernization of applications to enable the digital journey

What are your next steps?

These are just a few examples of how HPE is digitizing customer operations and addressing some of the most significant customer challenges. If you would like to delve deeper into these issues of innovation, digital disruption and your own digital transformation, please contact [Ron Brown, EMEA Chief Technologist Enterprise Services at [email protected]]. There is an HPE team ready and waiting to support your journey.

Costas Kaile is a Practices Go to Market (GTM) Lead in EMEA. Costas’s biggest passion is understanding industry shifts and working with teams to find tangible outcomes and solutions to business problems.

Charlotte Findlay works within the Go To Market team in EMEA. As a newcomer to the technology industry she is excited to see where Innovation and technology can improve the workplace for customers.