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World Economic Forum Toolkit Offers Real Answers to Real Questions

Two things always happen at the World Economic Forum in Davos in early January. One is that presidents and prime ministers deliver speeches designed to catch the headlines at home and set the domestic political agenda for the year.

The second is that some of the world’s most influential and powerful business people debate and discuss a range of the most intractable global problems and what is to be done about them.

For the last five years cybersecurity has forced its way up the Davos agenda as cyber-attacks have proliferated and the digital revolution has unfolded.

The stakes are high. As Daniel Dobrygowski, the World Economic Forum lead on cyber security puts it: “Cyber risk is a systemic challenge and cyber-resilience a public good. Without security and resilience in our networks, it will be impossible to safely take advantage of the innumerable opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is poised to offer. “


What moves this year’s World Economic Forum cybersecurity discussion beyond the usual mantras invoking Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is a substantial toolkit offered to Davos delegates on how company boards should get a handle on the issues.

Prepared in partnership with the Boston Consulting Group and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the report, Advancing Cyber Resilience: Principles and Tools for Boards, does what is says on the wrapper.

Your organisation’s leaders might not have been in Davos – but you can bring some of the best thinking from the summit, wrapped round some intensely practical tools and best practice suggestions. If you are struggling to get the board to understand cyber risk and cyber resilience, give them this document. If you want to prove to the board that you understand the business, and not just the technical aspects of cyber security, adopt the document’s ideas in your everyday practice.

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Mike Simons

Author: Mike Simons

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