DGX Centre’s DNA Inspires Governments to Take the Next Step on Their Digital Journey

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I last wrote about DGX Centre’s expertise in supporting governments and civil servants across the globe as they embrace digitisation.

This time, I’ll briefly walk you through the DGX journey to successful digital government, and tell you a little more about our ‘DNA’ – the unique Enterprise Services characteristics that we believe make us the partner of choice for governments worldwide.

At DGX, we’re all about empowering technology and transformative ideas. Our people have years of industry experience, but what sets us apart is the way we work alongside governments at any stage – or throughout – their digital journey, using a blend of youthful and mature perspectives to find solutions for the many challenges they face.

Our public-sector clients all share the same goals. They want to increase value, lower costs and improve citizen experience. We help them make the big shift towards digital government through insight and innovation.

Usually, they come to us with a high-level of understanding of where they want to go ‘digitally’ and often, they’ve already defined their strategy. We work together to fully evaluate their strategy and roadmap their journey using different engagement and interactive techniques.

Through DGX’s Envision workshops for example, we positively encourage co-creation through collaboration with our industry experts, our clients and extended ecosystem. Sharing knowledge and applying enabling technologies, enables you to explore and experience the art of the possible. It also gives a deep understanding of how to start successfully executing future business models.  


Planning a sustainable framework for any digital journey is paramount. Once you know where you want to go, you need allies with the know-how to help you connect the dots on your roadmap. DGX road-mapping sessions include project-specific consultancy and IT multi-year planning. Our Architect Blueprint sessions bring client experts together with ours to model designs and baseline for project build and future maintenance.

Of course, expert insight is invaluable and sharing experiences ignites ideas. DGX Innovation and Trend sessions, as well as topical talk and round table sessions, helps you to learn and understand how best to embrace the opportunities that digital government brings. After defining and designing a solution using the latest technologies, DGX facilities enable you to build and test it securely, with live demonstrations aligned to specific needs and desired business outcomes.    

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that digitising government services portfolios is a mammoth task – as my colleague Yves Vanderbeken explains in his blog series, which likens the task to ‘eating an elephant’!

But all our DGX services are designed to simplify and accelerate the transformation journey – quickly improving the quality of services, increasing efficiencies and, of course, reducing costs. A defined strategy and future proof roadmap give you the agility and resilience to adapt to changing demands quickly and the insight to drive innovation by collaborating across your ecosystem – making better use of resources, sustaining economic growth and creating better societal outcomes…and happier citizens.

Start experiencing your digital future today at www.dgxcentre.com.

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Frank Huynen

Author: Frank Huynen

Frank Huynen has spent half of his 30-year ICT experience in the Public Sector, advising clients on how to improve citizen engagement, increase efficiencies and drive administrative simplification.