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Partnership: Vital Differentiator on Digital Journey

Over two thousand years ago the Greek Philosopher Aristotle stated, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” and this piece of wisdom has been repeated in various permutations ever since. Now the truth is playing out on a new scale of magnitude with the arrival of digital: reaching out and engaging with the crowd is both possible and desirable, producing value on an industrial scale in in science, business and public services.

During April, the BVEX community will explore the vital role that partnership plays in ensuring that the many parts can and do work together to create more than their sum in new digital ecosystems. Partnership is proving to be the key differentiator as enterprises realise their discrete structures, designed for a previous era, are no longer sufficient for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Kicking off the partnership theme in spectacular fashion is the merger between CSC and the Enterprise Services division of Hewlett Packard Enterprise to form a DXC Technology on April 3. The two companies will formally merge their resources, assets and skills and experience to create a new whole comprising a vaster and richer source of experience and innovation to benefit customers. The case was made at Discover London 2016 why the merger would mean that ‘one plus one equals three’.

“We’re not looking for classic synergies, where if two parties offer something, we just pick one.  Instead we’ll take quality and investments from both sides and bring those together to enhance the offering to the customer. In the back office is where we’ll get the synergy dollars; we’ll take those and reinvest in innovations. We can then expand our R&D and M&A budgets,” was the future Senior Vice President & GM of Global Practices & Emerging Business Eric Harmon described.

BVEX will report on the particulars of the merger and creation of DXC Technology and what it means for customers on April 3rd when the bell sounds on the New York Stock Exchange. Chairman, President and CEO of DXC Technology, Mike Laurie, already signaled the important role that partnership will play at an investor briefing. The fourth cycle of computing will be epitomized by skills and the ability to scale – and customer experience takes centre stage, said Laurie.

Throughout April, BVEX will examine generally what partnership offers in terms of gaining access to skills and scales well as the outcomes this has brought the pioneers already embracing digital ecosystems.  It turns out that partnership is a philosophy and art, as well as a scientific discipline, and we’ll share stories of how to go about finessing the many facets of partnership. And because we’re BVEX, we’ll do this as a community and trust our shared insights will enhance your own digital journey.

Helen Beckett

Author: Helen Beckett

Helen Beckett is the Community Manager of the Business Value Exchange. She has been a writer and editor for over 20 years and takes a particular interest in the challenges facing the CIO in today’s business climate.