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The Times: Robotic Process Automation Has Arrived to Transform Growth and Efficiency

Businesses lose billions of dollars from inefficiency when they fail to harness data properly. Robotic process automation, coupled with insights from data and artificial intelligence, offers them the opportunity to capture new business and cut costs.

In recent decades, many companies have turned to business process outsourcing, offshoring their repetitive tasks to enable staff to focus on high-value activities.

Among Fortune 500 companies, however, it is estimated that every year billions are still lost from inefficiency, and the causes of this can be found in the organisational data and knowledge that remain uninvestigated. This unused information, or “dark data”, resides within every company in its enterprise resource planning systems and other applications.

As businesses of all types become increasingly intolerant of this inefficiency, many are turning to robotic process automation (RPA), allowing them to use machines to do repetitive and increasingly complex work.

There are huge benefits on offer. “The businesses we work with can achieve up to a 40 per cent improvement in customer satisfaction scores, improving their financial results through a 60 per cent cut in process times, directly from RPA,” says Mahesh Shah, vice president and general manager of business process services at DXC Technology. Other benefits include better process accuracy and ease of compliance.

Globally, this represents billions of dollars of opportunity, with RPA making life easier for individual employees and whole departments. It helps people do their jobs, eradicating repetitive tasks and enabling focus on more skilled work. Continue reading in The Times

This article was recently published in The Times, where DXC Technology was featured in a robotic process automation (RPA) specific pull-out.  DXC is at the leading edge of delivering RPA, helping clients to analyse their process and data flow to identify the best solution for automation that will both enable growth and drive efficiency.

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Michael Donnellan

Author: Michael Donnellan

Michael (Mike) Donnellan has BPS Executive Leadership responsibility at DXC Technology. He has written three books focusing on CFO- led business transformation – ‘CFO Architect of the Corporations Future’ (1988), ‘Transforming the Business Through Finance BPO’; (2004) and ‘CFO Insights – High Performance Delivered’ (2006).